Harpers Homestead Styled Shoot, Canterbury

I’m so lucky I get to work with some super talented people in the wedding industry in Christchurch. Here’s a little snippet of what we created on our collaborative styled shoot at the beautiful Harpers Homestead in Ohoka. To see more of what these wonderful people can do, check them out below.

Venue: Harpers Homestead
Dress Designer: Caroline Campion Couture
Hair: Nspyre Red Hair Design
Stylist: The Event Boutique
Bouquet & Headpiece: Aromaunga Flowers
Groom: Barkers
Bow Ties: Kiff Knot
Make up: She Believed Makeup Artistry 
Models: Robert EnrightRachel Adams

Susannah Blatchford_0003
Susannah Blatchford_0004
Susannah Blatchford_0005
Susannah Blatchford_0006
Susannah Blatchford_0007
Susannah Blatchford_0008
Susannah Blatchford_0010
Susannah Blatchford_0011
Susannah Blatchford_0012
Susannah Blatchford_0013
Susannah Blatchford_0014
Susannah Blatchford_0015
Susannah Blatchford_0016
Susannah Blatchford_0017
Susannah Blatchford_0018
Susannah Blatchford_0019
Susannah Blatchford_0020
Susannah Blatchford_0021
Susannah Blatchford_0022
Susannah Blatchford_0023
Susannah Blatchford_0024
Susannah Blatchford_0025
Susannah Blatchford_0026
Susannah Blatchford_0027
Susannah Blatchford_0028
Susannah Blatchford_0029
Susannah Blatchford_0030
Susannah Blatchford_0031
Susannah Blatchford_0032
Susannah Blatchford_0033
Susannah Blatchford_0034
Susannah Blatchford_0035
Susannah Blatchford_0036
Susannah Blatchford_0037
Susannah Blatchford_0038
Susannah Blatchford_0039
Susannah Blatchford_0040
Susannah Blatchford_0041
Susannah Blatchford_0042
Susannah Blatchford_0045
Susannah Blatchford_0043
Susannah Blatchford_0044
Susannah Blatchford_0046
Susannah Blatchford_0047
Susannah Blatchford_0048
Susannah Blatchford_0049
Susannah Blatchford_0050
Susannah Blatchford_0051
Susannah Blatchford_0052
Susannah Blatchford_0053
Susannah Blatchford_0054
Susannah Blatchford_0055
Susannah Blatchford_0056
Susannah Blatchford_0057
Susannah Blatchford_0058
Susannah Blatchford_0059
Susannah Blatchford_0060
Susannah Blatchford_0061
Susannah Blatchford_0063
Susannah Blatchford_0065

Susannah Blatchford_0066
Susannah Blatchford_0067
Susannah Blatchford_0068
Susannah Blatchford_0069
Susannah Blatchford_0070
Susannah Blatchford_0071
Susannah Blatchford_0073

Susannah Blatchford_0074
Susannah Blatchford_0075
Susannah Blatchford_0076
Susannah Blatchford_0077
Susannah Blatchford_0078
Susannah Blatchford_0079
Susannah Blatchford_0080
Susannah Blatchford_0081
Susannah Blatchford_0082
Susannah Blatchford_0083
Susannah Blatchford_0084
Susannah Blatchford_0085
Susannah Blatchford_0086
Susannah Blatchford_0087
Susannah Blatchford_0089
Susannah Blatchford_0088
Susannah Blatchford_0090
Susannah Blatchford_0091
Susannah Blatchford_0092
Susannah Blatchford_0093
Susannah Blatchford_0094
Susannah Blatchford_0095